Speed Rigging Mastery In Cartoon Animator 5 – 2DAnimation101 (Premium)


Speed Rigging Mastery In Cartoon Animator 5 – 2DAnimation101

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File Name Speed Rigging Mastery In Cartoon Animator 5 – 2DAnimation101
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Learn to create original characters ready to be animated without headaches and save the most time with Pre-Made Rigs. Imagine rigging characters in Cartoon Animator without breaking a sweat. Zipping through the process like a pro, all while avoiding the dreaded rigging headaches.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to turn that dream into reality! You see, rigging has been branded as a “necessary evil” in the animation world. It’s necessary because it helps you animate faster, but evil because it can cause countless headaches and frustration.

By following our innovative approach, you can sidestep the headaches and confusion that usually accompany rigging and still bring your unique characters to life. Keep reading because we’re about to dive into the world of rigging. We’ll expose its challenges, bust some common myths, and, most importantly, show you how to rig like a pro without all the hassle.

Rigging is HARD!

As you’ve probably experienced, rigging characters in Cartoon Animator can be a downright tedious and difficult process.
You may have spent countless hours trying to get your characters just right, only to face roadblock after roadblock.
The fact is, rigging can be an incredibly complex and confusing endeavor, leaving even the most dedicated animators scratching their heads and nursing their rigging-induced headaches.

2-Week Bootcamp in follow-along format
6 Levels structured in order of Difficulty
Total of 12 hours of Classes with time for practice.
Live feedback ON THE SPOT from Mark Diaz during the live sessions.
Discussion, Support and rigging reviews during the 2 weeks of the bootcamp.
Lifetime Access to the Recordings.
Access to Exclusive Discord Server to Post Rigs, Animation exercises, Work in Progress snapshots, and Daily Practice.

This program is organized in structured step-by-step instructions that any beginner can follow. We will start with the easy steps to get some quick wins, and the we will progress through harder and harder challenges until you master speed rigging.


You need Cartoon Animator 4 (if you use PSDs) or 5 (if you want to use Vector Characters)
Also, you will need to have access to a Discord account (you can create 1 for free to join the group)
And Finally, you will need a PSD Editor and (if you have CTA5) Vector Software.
Mark will be using CTA5, Photoshop, and Illustrator, but he will provide support on Affinity Photo, Clip Studio and Krita.

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