Paul Davids Learn Practice Play TUTORiAL (Premium)


Paul Davids Learn Practice Play

Paul Davids Learn Practice Play TUTORiAL   Free Download Latest . It is of  Paul Davids Learn Practice Play TUTORiAL  free download.

Paul Davids Learn Practice Play TUTORiAL  Overview

With Learn, Practice, Play you’ll be playing the guitar from the very start… not just learning about it, but using it, playing it, and getting comfortable with it.

In Module 1 You’ll Learn:
Hand position, strumming, frets, and fingering
A beautiful melody you can play two different ways
How to combine chords into great-sounding progressions
The E minor pentatonic scale and the chromatic scale
And an easy-to-learn lick that’s soulful and bluesy

And in Module 2, You’ll Learn:
The 12-bar blues progression (the foundation for countless jazz, blues, and rock n’ roll songs)
The concept of Key
Playing major scales on a single string
How to play with a shuffle or swing feel
And a simple, beautiful folk melody

In Module 3 You’ll Play:
A light, lovely melody, played with both fretted & open strings
Power chords, and learn how to change between them rapidly and fluidly
Hammer-ons and pull-offs
The E minor blues scale and a rockin’ blues lick
And a taste of basic music theory

In Module 4 We’ll Dive Into:
A beautiful new melody, played fingerstyle
Chord embellishment
Triads and functions
A progression using suspended chords
Some great country and bluegrass licks

In Module 5 You’ll Learn:
Phrasing, soloing and improvisation
Playing the minor scale
Different ways to play a blues progression in the key of E
A lovely folk melody, played fingerstyle
And concepts like ghost strumming, pickup notes, and the turnaround

In Module 6 You’ll Learn:
How to combine melodies and chords
A new strumming technique, using palm mute and accented notes
How chords are derived from the scale of a major key (and how to know which chords will sound good together)
A riff played with a “gallop” rhythm
And how to play slash chords

And in Module 7 You’ll Learn:
How to improvise (and have it sound amazing), just by knowing the first or last chord of a song
How to do double stops, bends, and muted notes
Barre chords and two great-sounding progressions that use them
Four advanced licks
And more complex strumming patterns (e.g. only hitting one or two strings when strumming).

Bonus #1: Private Learn, Practice, Play Facebook Group
Bonus #2: The Practice Fundamentals Pack
Bonus #3: Guitar Care Basics

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