Maarten Schrader – Instagram Pro Editor [Nov 2023 Updated] (Color & Editing Mastery) (For Premium user)


Maarten Schrader – Instagram Pro Editor [Nov 2023 Updated] (Color & Editing Mastery)

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File Name Maarten Schrader – Instagram Pro Editor [Nov 2023 Updated] (Color & Editing Mastery)
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update and Published 2023

This Course Is For You If You Want To..

  • Find & create your own dream style
  • Consistency so you can build your own style
  • Stop wasting money on presets
  • Understand the WHY behind your adjustments
  • Enjoy the Youtube tutorials but want to go further in-depth
  • Expand beyond a click of a preset
  • Feel confident in what you are doing with the tools
  • Master skintones
  • Want to be able to analyse images & know what they need
  • Match your colors with those imagines you aspire be like
  • Finally be able to make the colors exactly how you would like
  • Give your images identity, avoid them looking fickle & un-unique
  • Create moods with editing
  • Master color theory & apply it to create your own style
  • Beginner or Advanced
  • Methodical step by step color grading walkthroughs
  • Have a deep understanding of how tools interact with each other
  • Download RAW images & follow along step by step
  • Want advanced information taught no where else
  • Want to be able to create presets
  • Undustand color so you can make smarter edits rather just sliding it until it looks good
  • Find the right balance between a natural professional edit & a ‘Instagram style’
  • Feel like your missing important information to get the style you want
  • 100+ lessons from guest editors teaching a range of styles, Preset + Raw included
  • Make you Instagram feed extraordinary
  • Understand the Foundation & nitty gritty that makes presets ‘work’
  • Get those colors & fades the pros use
  • Hope to finally be able to achieve the looks you have always wanted
  • Want to stoping just slapping a preset on
  • Achieve different styles depending on the subject & what the image needs
  • Avoid boring pale skintones
  • Make editing more enjoyable, as currently you cant make up your mind with all the possible options
  • Love taking photos but hate the moment its time to go into Lightroom
  • Learn good color combinations
  • How to draw an eye through the photo using gradients
  • Avoid the guessing
  • Avoid muddy looking images
  • Sharp images without it looking ‘cheap’
  • Understand the tools & features within LR to evoke the feeling you want
  • Utilize certain feelings with colors
  • Create your very own perfect preset
  • Consistency throughout your edits
  • Reach the style you have in mind
  • Feeling like you have complete control over editing
  • Understand what it is you find appealing about a particular style
  • Make your images pop & avoid flat looking images
  • Know when the edit is just right & avoid over editing
  • Make imagines more dramatic
  • Know how a photo was edited by looking at it
  • Want a personal touch to your images
  • Learn from peers to improve your skills
  • Achieve natural looking edits
  • Want the end product to come out as you envisioned
  • = No more guessing, faster learning & the perfect edit every time.


Constantly adding talented photographers to share their SECRETS, PRESETS & RAW Images, so you can follow along every step of the way.

  • Download Raw Image
  • Download Preset
  • Follow the step by step lesson
  • No more guessing, faster learning & the perfect edit every time.

Craft Your Own Unique Style

Most editing courses out there tell you to move sliders left and right until “it looks good”. My course is a theory-driven, incremental program that leads students into understanding WHY images look the way they do, and HOW they can be purposely edited to emulate a specific trendy look or to develop an original style altogether. As far as I know, there’s no other photo-editing course out there offering such an in-depth level of instruction with over 150 complete lessons & growing.

How To Learn Editing 100x Faster

A broken $10,000 camera crushed my dreams of creating amazing images all around the world BUT fortunately lead me to discover that editing is really what creates amazing images that are polished, unique & cohesive when put together.

The Value Of 100+ Workshops/Courses

  • 100+ Guest Editor Lessons
  • 200+ Lessons
  • 100+ Presets
  • 100+ Raw Images
  • 70 Hours of Watch Time

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