JTC Roy Ziv 20 Signature Licks TUTORiAL (Premium)


JTC Roy Ziv 20 Signature Licks TUTORiAL

JTC Roy Ziv 20 Signature Licks TUTORiAL  Free Download Latest . It is of  JTC Roy Ziv 20 Signature Licks TUTORiAL  free download.

JTC Roy Ziv 20 Signature Licks TUTORiAL   Overview

Learn Roy Ziv’s signature style in a 20 Licks that is filled with colour. A unique approach laid bare, packed with melodic devices to make your own.

Delve deeper into Roy’s style as he breaks down (in the video lessons from the special Deluxe pack) the top tips, phrasing, theory, techniques, scale pattens and inspiration behind these incredible licks! Each lick is filled with creative melodic devices that you can use to play Roy’s style, or add to your own guitar solos and jams!

In these licks you’ll be using hammer ons, pull offs, alternate picking, economy picking, sweep picking, bending, vibrato, slides and much more! Alongside many other great concepts, Roy also explains how he uses one extra note to jazz up his pentatonic playing and how you can use it too.

Each lick comes with fast and slow videos/audio (each with backings) plus TAB/Notation and added lick notes so you have everything you need to study Roy’s licks in detail. However, we suggest clicking ‘Options’ and picking up the Deluxe version so you can learn from the man himself about each lick in detail and really get the most out of these awesome phrases!

So if you’ve been waiting patiently to learn Roy’s trademark style, or if you’re simply after some creative new ways to spice up your own melodic ideas then grab these signature licks and start learning to play like Roy Ziv!


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