Intro to Illustrative Lettering (Premium)


Intro to Illustrative Lettering

Intro to Illustrative Lettering   Free Download Latest . It is of  Intro to Illustrative Lettering  free download

Intro to Illustrative Lettering  Overview

Have you ever been inspired to create some hand-lettering to incorporate into your own work, or create a full-on text based illustration only to discover it’s not as easy as it can look?

This class will show you that it’s not as hard as you might think. With actionable steps following my process you’ll learn how to compose and create a text-based illustration from scratch utilizing countless lettering styles to emulate or imagine!

In this class you’ll learn

• Typography Fundamentals

• Basic and more advanced lettering styles

• How to create your own

• How to plan your composition paying attention to visual hierarchy

• How to utilize grids, shapes, and simple letterforms to create a framework to draw over

• How to slowly refine your illustration until it’s just right

• Finishing techniques and enhancements

The techniques you’ll learn in this class also work for stand-alone lettering treatments, as well as, incorporating some lettering into an existing composition—which can really bring it to life.

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