Film Editing Pro – The Art Of Drama Editing Course Download (Group Buy)


Film Editing Pro – The Art Of Drama Editing Course

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File Name Film Editing Pro – The Art Of Drama Editing Course
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Publisher Film Editing Pro
update and Published 2024

Learn How to Edit Amazing Feature Films and shorts. A Step-by-Step Editing Course from Pro Hollywood Editors. The Art of Drama Editing will guide you through the stages of cutting together a feature-length dramatic film. You will have access to 1100+ professionally-shot dailies plus a music and sound library.

Here are some cool things you’ll learn:

Deconstructing the visual language of filmmaking
How to tell a compelling story
How to figure out the pacing & timing of cuts
Deconstructing an edit paced 3 different ways
How to enhance a moment with sound design
Visual effects tricks to add interest to shots
Master the Creative & the Technical

This course will guide you through editing a feature film — from technical skills to creative techniques with a professional workflow to support the entire process

Editing Skills For All Projects & Genres

Elegant Storytelling
Professional Sound Design
Useful Visual Effects
Seamless Transitions
40+ 1080p HD Tutorials with Over 14 Hours of Training

A Complete Set of 1080p Feature-Film Dailies
Hands-on Editing Lessons
Multiple Homework Assignments
Premium Music & Sound Libraries
Decades of Combined Experience

Get access to cutting-edge training from some of the best editors working in the entertainment industry right now. We’ve taken years of combined editing experience and compiled the best secrets, editing strategies, techniques, workflows, and shortcuts.

30+ Hours of Beautifully Shot HD Practice Footage

Download an entire set of production dailies for a feature film. Professional source material is essential. We’re incredibly excited to offer you access to 1100+ shots build this film along with us. Since our goal is to take your editing skills as far as possible, we are providing you with only the best quality source footage to edit.

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